Light LEGS™ Tights

Get the light legs feeling

All day long


Light LEGS™ Tights

Great news! Just put on our new Light LEGS™ tights in the morning and off we go! Your legs feel light and look great all day long – simple as that!



Average consumer rating of 1800 reviews  of 4.28/5 stars in BzzAgent review panel (27/07/16)

How it works

Let it flow

New Fibre Firm™ technology in our compression tights boosts
blood circulation. The better the flow in the legs, the better
the flow of the day – simple as that.

Steady flow for
steady lightness

With a light contraction effect it maintains the steady flow of body fluids (venous blood) from the ankle back up through the thigh to the heart, helping avoid fluid (venous blood) accumulation in the legs and feet.


The Right Tights

Different occasions require different tights. That is why we offer three varieties, opaque black 60 DEN and coming soon sheer black 20 DEN and sheer nude 20 DEN versions.

Select your size for your light legs feeling!

What do women think?

“I was immediately impressed with the strength of the material. I felt supported throughout the day.“

“Scholl Light Legs tights are so silky smooth, with a great, solid coverage that was cool and light.“

“These compression tights are just fantastic quality! They really do relieve my tired legs, the comfort is second to none.“

BzzAgent review panel (27/07/16)


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