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Express Pedi

A professional pedicure set for softer-feeling feet.


Contains: 1 x Scholl Express Pedi, 1 x roller, 2 x AA batteries.

How it works

The electrical device's micro-rollers gently remove areas of hard skin  so thoroughly it leaves your feet beautiful and luxuriously soft.

How to use

Gently roll across the affected area with light to medium pressure and even movements. Repeat regularly.


Beautiful and luxuriously soft feet.

The beauty routine for your feet


Take a well-deserved break after a long day and give your feet a real treat – They’ve been working just as hard as you! The Scholl Dry Skin Exfoliator with natural pumice and fruit acids removes dead skin cells and makes your skin soft.
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In your suitcase

Bikini, sun cream, shampoo, toothbrush - you've got the essentials packed, but what are you taking for your feet?

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