Feel Comfortable In Heels For The Festive Season

Feel Comfortable In Heels For The Festive Season

From killer heels to your favourite every day shoes, your feet can often suffer the consequences of being on the go all day and into the night. No time of year is more likely to hurt your feet than the festive season.

From busier days at work, to hectic shopping trips and festive parties, your feet can experience the dreaded aftereffects of wearing shoes that do not support your feet during the busiest time of the year. Discover how to make heels comfortable with GelActiv insoles. 

Why Do Shoes Hurt My Feet?

A lack of support in any shoe, high heeled or not, can cause discomfort in your feet on many levels. Whether you suffer from aching heels or discomfort in the ball of your foot, your feet need to be well protected from the shock waves sent from the ground below you.

High heels are often too steep in height, ultimately causing discomfort in the arch in your foot, particularly if you suffer from having flat feet or conditions such as plantar fasciitis (Feet&feet, 2017). Extreme heels can also be difficult to walk in, causing a higher level of shock to the feet as they hit the ground, leading to ball of foot pain. The point of the toe in high heels can also be too narrow, causing tension in the toes and sometimes causing blisters or bunions (Dr. Axe, 2017).

It isn’t just high heels that are the problem. Other shoes such as everyday heels or your flats can cause pain in the foot due to minimal support and poor-quality soles.

Providing your feet with a thick, cushioned insole to accompany your shoes can be the solution to sore feet, especially during the festive season, but which GelActiv insoles are best for you?

Scholl Gel Active Everyday Heels

How to Get Comfortable Party Shoes

We all dread the pain that comes with wearing your best stilettos for your Christmas parties, after all comfy high heels are not a given. If you often find yourself barefoot on the dancefloor to get rid of the high heel discomfort, this firstly shows that there is a problem with your shoes, and secondly could result in further injury of your feet. Shoe-less dancing is more likely to cause slips and trips, as well as exposure to a hard surface with no cushioning or support to prevent shocks to the feet (Scholl, Undated).

But instead of kicking off your heels, this year could be very different with the Scholl GelActiv Insoles for extreme heels! These insoles are specifically designed with your party feet in mind; a gripping material with a comfortable feel providing cushioning, support and a firm positioning of your foot. Specially curated for heels higher than 8cm, even your most extreme heels could feel comfortable during the party season.

How to Make Work Shoes Comfortable

And what about before the work party? Your everyday work heels can still cause your feet to ache despite the lower heel. Whether you are on your feet all day or working at a desk, your favourite everyday shoes need to provide the ultimate comfort and support to avoid future foot problems. During the festive period, your feet are constantly moving, so comfortable work shoes are incredibly important.

Adding a Scholl GelActiv Insole for everyday heels to your shoes can support the arch of your feet whilst ensuring optimum shock absorption. The non-slip design of this sole-shaped accessory contributes to a firm grip, securing your feet in a comfortable position throughout the day. So those days of limping around the office and rubbing your feet after a long day at work could soon disappear with the help of highly cushioned, supportive insoles that change the dynamics of your shoes.

Everyday Festive Fun

As well as the partying and working during the Christmas season, you often find that your free time is taken up with fun activities too. Whether it’s shopping for that perfect party outfit, stocking up on festive food or buying presents for loved ones, Christmas shopping can take a toll on both your body and mind. Don’t let your shopping trips be ruined by needing to sit down every 15 minutes to give your feet a break.

Your flat shoes may not provide a sole thick or soft enough to cushion the blow of your feet hitting the hard floors and uneven surfaces, such as shiny shopping centre floors or cobbled streets. Luckily, insoles with double the cushioning are available to perfectly fit your everyday flat shoes. The Scholl GelActiv Flat Shoes Insoles provide padding with gel technology for the soles of your everyday shoes whilst leaving room for your toes to breathe. Uniquely designed for a flat shoe, these insoles are a perfect fit to make your favourite festivities more enjoyable!

Why should you compromise if you prefer fashion over function? Get both with the vast range of Scholl GelActiv insoles that suit your individual shoe style, allowing you to wear what you want when you want with ease during the festive season.


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