Keep Your Legs Feeling Energised Through Party Season

Keep Your Legs Feeling Energised Through Party Season

Whether you are attending Christmas parties, running around the shops doing last minute shopping or working hard in the gym to burn off the mince pies, Christmas and New Year can be busy periods for most of us.

After a day on your feet, you may notice that your legs feel heavy and achy. You can take your shoes off, jump in a hot bath and put your feet up, but wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to stop your day to rest? Do you know that the perfect pair of Scholl Light Legs™ Tights could be the solution? Read on to find out how they keep you looking incredible and feeling energised from morning until night, all party season.

Energised Legs

Tiredness and aching in the legs can occur for a few reasons. Perhaps you have been sat in the same position at your desk for too long, or you have been busy on your feet for most of the day? When you’re constantly in the same upright position or sat still for too long, the leg muscles don’t contract as efficiently and consequently struggle to pump blood away from the feet and back towards the heart (Medicine Chest, undated). This results in blood gathering in the legs which is what causes them to feel heavy and achy.

In the lead up to Christmas, you might have days at work and then festive activities running late into the evening, so sometimes you will need your legs to endure longer shifts than usual. Our research has shown that tired legs have been the cause of 1 in 6 women saying “no” to a night out and a fifth of women cancelling a shopping trip, but during the festive season this simply shouldn’t be an issue.

Scholl Light Legs™ Tights are designed to help this problem. They use Fibre Firm™ technology and apply pressure to targeted areas from the ankle upwards to help boost circulation and improve blood flow from the foot back up the leg. This simple addition of Scholl Light Legs™ Tights will give you that ‘light leg feeling’ from morning until night and allow you to say “yes” to all the fun this Christmas.

Keep Your Legs Feeling Energised Through Party Season

Have Shapely Looking Legs

Not only are Scholl tights functional, they are also fashionable. By giving you a boost, you feel energised and can conquer your evenings as well as your days. But most importantly, you can do this in style. Compression tights have the added benefit of perfectly shaping your legs and holding you in in the right places, without making you feel restricted. (Social Mayday Listening). Light Legs™ are available in 20 denier in black and nude and 60 denier in black, so you can easily pair them with your work outfit or your little black dress (and all outfits throughout the rest of the year, too!).

Strong Ladder Locking Tights

Tights are an essential wardrobe item, but there is nothing worse than when your go-to pair become unusable. Getting a ladder or hole throughout your day, becoming baggy after too much wear or being covered in bobbles after a wash are common problems that occur with regular tights (Cosmopolitan, 2017). Fortunately, you won’t have that problem this festive season as Light Legs™ Tights are designed with ladder resistant properties, by using specialist yarn and unique manufacturing processes. Thanks to the unique blend of fabrics in Light Legs™ Tights they can last up to 100 washes (60 denier) without losing their quality. One less thing to worry about this Christmas!

Keep Your Legs Feeling Energised Through Party Season

Support Your Feet

It isn’t just our legs that will face the brunt of our Christmas activity. With all the extra walking around the shops and dancing in heels at the Christmas party, your feet may be under more stress than usual. You can protect your feet against aches and pains with our range of GelActive insoles. We have styles suitable for all types of shoes including extreme heels, flats and trainers and they are the ultimate addition to make your feet more comfortable. Simply slip them into your shoes and reap the benefits of the dual gel technology, which is built to absorb micro shocks and reduce excessive pressure.

With our Scholl Light Legs™ Tights there is now a practical yet stylish solution to your tired leg woes. This simple addition means you can feel boosted, energised and light on your legs from AM to PM all through the festive season.


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