Scholl Athlete's Foot

Scholl Athlete's Foot

Complete Pen & Spray Kit: A unique 2-step solution for the treatment of Athlete's foot

A unique 2-step solution: The Pen and the Shoe Spray together not only treat Athlete’s foot, but they also help restore & protect the skin to reduce the risk of infection reoccurring.

1. Treatment Pen:

The precision applicator applies just the right amount of cream on the infected skin. It is specially formulated with Olile-Active™ to create an environment on the skin that helps to prevents fungus from multiplying or surviving.

2. Prevention Shoe Spray:

Helps to prevent reinfection by cleansing shoes contaminated with the Athlete’s Foot fungus, a common cause for the reoccurrence of Athlete’s Foot infection.

Scholl Athlete's Foot

Causes & Symptoms

Fungal Infection

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection of the skin occurring mostly on the feet. It can be caused by several fungus types, some of them already live on healthy skin but do not become a problem until they multiply.

Scholl Athlete's Foot

Causes & Sources

An infection usually occurs via contact – walking barefoot in public places like changing rooms, showers and swimming pools are common sites for picking up fungi. Also, the condition of the feet can increase the likelihood of an infection. Fungal infections mostly occur on moist feet, especially between the toes. But it is only moisture that is a hotbed for fungi. Athlete’s foot can also occur on dry and flaky skin due to a lack of natural protective oils. Untreated, Athlete’s foot can spread, infect the whole foot and even the toenails. It is also possible that it spreads to other areas of the body.

How to recognize Athlete’s foot

Large areas of the skin on the foot are red with a fine powdery scaly coating. The thickness of the sole skin may also increase. Itching and burning are common symptoms, and the skin may peel and appear cracked in some cases. Blisters may develop in rare cases. It may affect either small areas or the whole foot.


An untreated fungal infection may lead to secondary diseases, as other germs can enter the skin and lead to purulent abscesses for example. Also, yeast fungi can enter the skin and lead to painful skin alterations. Untreated Athlete’s foot can spread, infect the toenails and even the whole foot. On top of that it is possible that the fungal infection spreads to other parts of the body. Nowadays, having neat feet is an important part of our beauty and lifestyle regime and Athlete's Foot is not only unhealthy and painful; it can also be quite unsightly.

Useful Tips

Tip 1. Do not wear overly tight shoes and ensure good air ventilation around your feet. Trainers with air ventilation holes or open shoes will help you to achieve a good airflow.

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