Hard Skin

  1. Foot Care Routine: Products For Hard Skin
    Our feet are exposed to countless burdens throughout the day as we walk, sit and stand for long periods of time.
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  2. Our At Home Pedicure Routine For Soft Feet
    When summer comes around, we all love to parade around in open sandals but sadly, our feet are often the part of our bodies we take least care of and they don’t always look their best.
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  3. Why Is It Important To Remove Hard Skin From Your Feet?
    Our feet carry us every day, but they are often not cared for as much as they could be, and we can sometimes neglect the care of our feet. But even though they are often out of sight, they shouldn’t be out of mind.
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  4. Get Beautiful Feet With Our DIY At-Home Pedi
    A DIY pedicure is the perfect time to relax, take care of your body and turn your bathroom into a pamper centre!
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  5. Scholl's Electronic Foot File: The How-To Guide
    Regular foot care is important for preventing dry skin and calluses on the feet, as well as helping you to get healthy, beautiful looking feet, and one of the easiest ways to do that is with Scholl’s Express Pedi.
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  6. The Perfect At Home Pedicure From Scholl
    Picture the scene: Calm, soothing music. The delicious fragrance of scented candles winding you down. Picturing a five-star spa? Well think again! We’d all love to spend our treasured me-time being treated like rock-star royalty, with soft, beautiful feet at the end of a treatment, but in reality, not everybody’s budget stretches that far! What might surprise you however, is how easily a trip to...
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  7. What Are People Saying About The Scholl Express Pedi?
    We’re pretty sure the Express Pedi is a home pedicure must-have, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Not when we’ve sent it to a whole host of independent product testers. The response was overwhelming, with 98% of women who tried our electrical hard skin remover saying it produced visible results and 93% saying they would...
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