1. High Heel Myths - True or False
    The balls and heels of the feet are typically the centres of pain. With insoles and heel strips it is possible to make the first steps on new heels more comfortable.
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  2. Nail Care: Tips and Tricks
    The cuticles are living skin. Don't cut them because they are the natural protective barrier to fungus and bacteria.  When protection is lost, infections can harm the nailbed and lead to permanent nail damage.
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  3. Kim's Daily Routine
    Yoga is an important part of my life – it’s when I can really relax. And I like to pass on this feeling to my students in class.
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  4. Athlete's Foot: Useful Tips
    Do not wear overly tight shoes and ensure good air ventilation around your feet. Trainers with air ventilation holes or open shoes will help you to achieve a good airflow.
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  5. GelActiv™ Insoles: Useful Hints and Tips
    Sit down on a chair and slightly lift your feet from the ground, while stretching out your legs. Slowly pull the tips of your toes to your body and stretch them out again. You will feel how the ankles and calf muscles will stretch. A warm sensation will rise in your feet and legs.


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  6. Wet & Dry Electronic Foot File: Tips & Tricks
    Soft beautiful feet look great with shiny nails! Now you can easily do your finger...
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  7. Wet & Dry Electronic Foot File: Videos

    Smooth Wet & Dry Pedi

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  8. Melanie's Express Pedicure
    “I’m always rushing around in the restaurant – so in the evenings I sometimes like to let off steam and go dancing. I only pamper my feet when I absolutely have to. But it’s really easy with the pedicure range from Scholl – I get beautiful feet in...
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  9. GelActiv™ Insoles
    Scholl GelActiv insoles - the gel comfort sensation that keeps you going.
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  10. GelActiv™ Insoles For Her
    Give your high heels the sneaker feel with Scholl GelActiv™ insoles for her.
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  11. Light Legs Tights
    Get the light legs feeling all day long with Scholl Light Legs tights.
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  12. Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System
    Naturally looking shiny nails effortlessly with the Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System.
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