1. Athlete’s Foot
    Got a question about athlete’s foot? We may have an answer for you here. Read on to learn more about athlete’s foot causes, symptoms and treatment.
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  2. Corns: Causes and Prevention
    Corns are small areas of skin that occur on the toes as a result of excessive pressure or friction from footwear or socks. There are two types; hard and soft, and they can cause some pain and discomfort
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  3. What Causes Sweaty Feet & Foot Odour
    Excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis, can be an uncomfortable and challenging thing to treat.
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  4. Dry Skin
    Goodbye dry skin! Make your feet soft and be proud of your smooth skin.
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  5. Fungal Nail Infection
    Fungal nail infections are a common problem that can affect any nail, but most commonly the ones on the feet.
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  6. Dry Feet
    Sometimes the sole of your foot can get very dehydrated leaving the skin dry, rough or even cracked.
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  7. Perspiration
    Perspiration is one cause of bad odours. To reduce bad odours you can take preventive action.
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  8. During pregnancy
    The increase in body weight during pregnancy can alter your walking pattern and can sometimes cause foot problems.
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  9. Pronation
    If you are suffering from heel pain, perspiration can be one of the reasons.
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  10. Diabetic Foot
    Diabetes can lead to complications affecting your nervous system and circulation which also affects your feet.
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