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There’s not much that’s relaxing about life during lockdown, despite having more free time than usual. But whether you’re working from home or simply waiting for normal life to resume, having a bit of pampering added to a stressful week can only help.    

Spa @ Home


Here are Scholl, we’re all about keeping you moving but also making sure you take the time to put your feet up and relax.

So, why not turn your free time into ‘me’ time every weekend?

One of the easiest, and most relaxing things you can try is a ‘Spa Day’ at home. It doesn’t have to be a whole day, it can even be just an hour, but giving yourself a break from your daily schedule is like a stay-at-home holiday.

Now, before you start these 5 steps, just try and make sure you don’t get any unexpected interruptions from cats, dogs, phones and family! Not easy, but possible with a little planning.

Engage your senses

Start by setting the mood to recreate that luxurious spa experience. Use a diffuser or just a candle or scented oil in warm water to give a heady spa ambience. Eucalyptus is the classic spa scent. Now look for relaxing playlists on Spotify, or your other favourite streaming sites. You can even recreate a perfect aural ambience with apps like Atmosphere (Free on IOS and Android). Dial up the sound of waves breaking on a balmy beach, then add a gentle breeze!

Add the little extras

You’ve conjured up the smells and sounds of the spa, so now it’s time to gather up those luxurious little extras that will make your spa experience truly special from home! Your fluffiest towels, and your best bath robe to keep you comfy, then maybe a rejuvenating spa-style drink to keep you hydrated. Try a jug of ice water lined with discs of lemon, orange and cucumber. It gets tastier the longer you leave it.

Treat yourself

Try a little facial massage and foot exfoliation before you bathe. Firstly, use a jade roller that has been chilled in the fridge to massage your face, neck and around your eyes, using the smaller roller at the other end. Your favourite moisturiser or face cream can help the roller glide over your skin, reducing any puffiness. Then try exfoliating any dry skin on your feet with Scholl’s Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot File. The surface of the velvet smooth (TM) treatment roll sparkles with long lasting Mikroabrasiven particles and precision ground Diamond Crystals. It helps remove the roughest skin and leaves visibly smoother and softer feet. Use the exfoliating brush to gently exfoliate dry, flaky skin on your feet and lower legs then apply your moisturiser to keep your skin smooth and soft.

Soak it up

After treating yourself, there’s nothing more relaxing than a long spell in a hot tub. But what makes the experience even more spa-like and special is a home-made bath bomb, using your favourite essential oils and flower petals. There’s a great recipe here.

Finish with your feet!

    After a good soak, the best way to finish is to continue the hydration process with one of our Expert Care footmask. Maybe try the fragrance and colourant free version as you’ve already treated your senses with your favourite scents. Simply put on the footmask on your now spotlessly clean feet, with the creamy layer on the inside and close the seal at the top.

    Wait 20 minutes and avoid walking while wearing the foot mask (that’s why it’s a good idea to eliminate any distractions first). Take off the mask and massage in any remaining cream residue! Why not treat yourself to this experience more often? Have a look through the rest of our Expert Care range to see all the different ways you can treat your feet!

    Now enjoy beautifully smooth, silky soft feet, for the perfect ending to your Spa Day.  

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