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One giant leap in 3D custom insoles.Get support as unique as you.


How to create your Custom 3D insoles

Step 1

Design and purchase your Custom 3D insoles.

Step 2

Download the app and take a photo of your feet.

Step 3

We map each foot and deliver your custom 3D insoles within 14 days.

Scholl custom made insoles by FitMyFoot

Full Length Custom 3D Insoles

Get your personalised insoles with their dynamic custom arch support and shock absorbent heel cushion by taking photos of your feet in the mobile app. We 3D print your inserts to fit you and nobody else. Great for casual and athletic shoes.

Suitable for:

Increase comfort and reduce the feeling of foot fatigue*
*experienced in everyday life

We provide you with the dynamic custom arch support and the deep contoured heel cup which are the foundation your feet need to keep moving comfortably.

Support where you need it

Scholl custom made insoles by FitMyFoot provide support where you need it and flexibility where you want it. Insoles are flexible enough to allow motion in your ankle and foot which capitalises on your body's amazing ability to absorb shock and adapt to changes in surfaces.

Targeted rigidness in FitMyFoot's shell supports your arch where it needs to reduce the forces acting on your foot and ankle with every step.

This product is not suitable if you have diabetes or poor blood circulation or a loss of feeling in the feet.

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