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Complete Ingrowing Toenail Treatment Kit - Clip & Spray


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The Scholl Ingrowing Toenail Complete Kit is a do-it yourself kit that can be applied in two steps (in order to relieve discomfort and help the nail to grow out straight).

  • Do-it-yourself treatment
  • Simple 2 step treatment
  • Relieves pain and helps the nail to grow out straight
  • The spray is designed to cool and soothe

Always read the instructions

    More Information

    An ingrowing toenail can cause discomfort in your daily routine, especially when wearing tight shoes. Now you can treat it yourself, at home, and help to prevent it from getting worse. Treat at the first signs with 2 simple steps:
    1. Cooling aerosol spray helps provide cooling relief to the effected area.
    2. Toenail straightening clip can help the nail grow out straight.

    Not available online, please visit your local retailer.


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