Compression Hosiery


Who doesn’t love a well-deserved holiday? But the cramped spaces and prolonged periods of inactivity when travelling can be a nightmare for your legs and feet, and increase the risk of conditions like Deep Vein Thrombosis. Help prevent swollen ankles and tired legs by wearing some Scholl Flight Socks.

Our flight socks let you concentrate on your holiday planning and help you to forget uncomfortable legs, feet or ankles.

And for perfectly shaped legs try our new Scholl Light Legs Tights that look and feel great. The new Fibre Firm technology helps boost blood circulation, from morning till evening.

-Scholl Top Tip-

Wear your flight socks as soon as you set off and wear it not only during the flight, but throughout your entire journey.

Step by step

Use your feet, enjoy the scenery, keep in shape and spend time with friends - it's time to go for a walk! Are you ready?

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