Foot Conditions

  1. Understand and Manage: Cracked Heels
    Understand and Manage: Cracked Heels
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  2. Plantar fasciitis
    Our tips on how you can stop running into problems
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  3. Sprains and injury
    Avoiding ankle pain and sprains
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  4. Blisters
    Here’s how to help avoid those all-dreaded blisters
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  5. Warts and verrucae
    Tips on how to get help avoid warts and verruca
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  6. In-growing toenail
    Read our advice on the best ways to help prevent ingrowing toenail
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  7. Athlete’s foot

    Check out our tips for targeting the first signs of infection

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  8. Heavy legs

    Lighten the load on your legs

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  9. Tired feet

    Help soothe tired and overworked feet with our tips

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  10. Hard skin

    Tips to buff away hard skin on feet

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  11. Black toenail

    Say goodbye to ugly black toenails

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  12. Flat feet and high arches

    Levelling with flat feet and high arches

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