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Our Story

Scholl are global leaders in creating science-based footcare solutions, with over 100 years of expertise. Founder, Dr William Scholls’ vision was ‘to give the world healthier feet.’ His passion and values are still at the core of the trusted brand to this day. Scholl aims to help the world see their feet differently and make sure every step is the healthiest it can be.

Our Heritage

Trusted with over 100 years of experience to make your every step the healthiest it can be.


From discomfort to the Foot-Eazer

Shortly after qualifying as a doctor in 1904, at 22 years of age, he patented his first invention: the Foot-Eazer. It was a revolutionary product at the time – an insert placed in shoes to reinforce and support the foot arch. In 1907 he founded Scholl Manufacturing Co. Inc.


Dr.Scholl’s Illinois College of Chiropody and Orthopaedics

Putting science at the heart of inventing and developing products, in 1912 William Scholl founded the Illinois College of Chiropody and Orthopaedics – soon to become the most important teaching institution in its field in the United States of America. He offered free foot examinations and created an Annual National Foot Comfort Week too.


From exercise routines to Pescura sandals

In the 60’s we boomed. Scholl’s Pescura sandals were developed with an anatomically crafted beechwood footbed, helping to tone the legs at every step. They rapidly became an international success, with celebrities like models Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton wearing them – turning them into a renowned style and comfort icon.


From painfully chic to Party Feet

We celebrated Scholl’s centenary with a new brand identity, a new generation of foot care products and a line of footwear that ensures maximum comfort whilst still being fashionable and innovative.


From hard heels to the Express Pedi

Scholl’s history continues with its founder’s same passion and philosophy – to improve the health, comfort and well-being of people by caring for their feet

We believe in healthy feet, from heel to toe. We channel this sense of purpose into three related, but distinct avenues of innovation:


We know that feet are easily forgotten in the daily grooming routine, but we think that should change.

We equip people with easy and convenient tools and products to make taking care of their feet easy, keeping them looking and feeling good. So every step is a healthy one.


We believe everyone should be able to get to wherever they’re going in comfort.

There’s no need to put up with achy or sore feet when we have a wide range of everyday products that can keep your feet healthy and happy, cushioning your feet with every step.


We want to provide people with effectiveand reliable solutions to keep their feethealthy and pain free.

We are focused on innovating the most convenient but yet superior ways to solveany problem and help people keep theirfeet in great shape.

love every step

Your Feet Deserve To Be The Healthiest They Can Be Throughout Your Life.

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