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Footcare during running (and marathons)

Footcare during running (and marathons)

Footcare for marathons and long-distance running

There’s nothing like the feeling of completing a long run, whether it’s a chilled out Sunday trip round the park or a full-on marathon. However, those extended running sessions can sometimes be tough on your feet. Check out our top tips for looking after your feet before and during a long run and look forward to hitting your stride.

Get the right fit for long distance runs

A good pair of running shoes that has been properly fitted is one of the best ways to protect your feet when you’re putting them through their paces. When we run, three times our body weight goes through our feet, and this can cause stress on our muscles and bones. So you want to make sure that you’re wearing shoes that offer the right kind of support.

You also want to make sure your running shoes are the correct size for your feet, podiatrists recommend that you have them fitted properly. Your local running shop can help you fit and choose shoes that will suit you. When you’re running long distances, your feet are likely to expand and swell so it’s important not to choose shoes that fit too tightly. Ideally, you want a space of half to a whole thumb's width between the tip of your longest toe and the end of the shoe.

Your feet can change over time too, so make sure you have your feet measured whenever you buy a new pair. Don’t wait until they are falling apart before replacing your shoes, running a lot will cause wear and tear and they may not support your muscles and joints as effectively.

Choose the right socks for marathons

The right socks can also make a big difference to your comfort while running. For a start, the thickness can change the way your trainers fit, so you want to make sure you pick ones compatible with your preferred running shoes.

Also, cotton socks retain moisture and can become uncomfortable when you’re running. Socks made from sweat wicking materials will help keep your feet more comfortable on marathons and long runs. Wicking moisture away from your skin can also help reduce rubbing and therefore reduce the chances of blisters. Choose lightweight, breathable socks with moisture wicking properties.

Banish blisters when running

A good pair of socks and some well-fitting trainers will go a long way towards helping you avoid blisters but when you’re running long distances, you’re likely to need a little extra help. Blisters form through friction and marathons and long runs provide plenty of that, even when your trainers fit well.

Carry some of our Scholl Blister Plasters when you go for a run. Then you can apply them as soon as you feel a blister forming.

If you already have blisters, then our plasters can also provide instant pain relief to help you stay the course. The soft gel island pads are made from hydrocolloid technology and cushion blisters to avoid painful rubbing. They are also waterproof and can stay firmly in place for up to 7 days.

We have both large blister plasters for heels and small blister plasters for toes. Keeping blisters hydrated and flexible, our plasters accelerate healing and provide relief from rubbing. They also offer protection against bacteria and dirt as well as cushioning the delicate layer of skin on top of the blister until it is ready to drain by itself.

Prep your feet for running

Prevention should be top priority and keeping the skin on your feet soft and supple is a good way to help avoid irritation during those long runs. Using a foot cream regularly can help skin stay hydrated.  

If you have any hard skin or calluses, you may also want to treat these beforehand. A hydrating foot mask or some exfoliation with a foot file can soften skin and reduce the likelihood of cracking under pressure while you run.

It’s also a great idea to give your feet a good massage before heading out on a long run. In fact, regular massages are great for your feet, helping to remove tension and also improve circulation. Some gentle stretches before hitting the track can also help prepare your feet for the long run to come.

For a little help getting prepped, be sure to check out our running bundles, packed with the kind of foot treatments than can help you get ready for your next marathon or run.

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