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Toe Blister Plasters Pack of 6


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Scholl Toe Blister Plasters protect against toe blisters, perfect for comfort and healing.
  • PROTECTION - Seal the blistered area providing protection against bacteria and dirt. They also keep shoes that might be fitting badly from causing repetitive rubbing and pressure. In particular, the delicate layer of skin on top of the blister will be protected until it is ready to drain by itself.
  • PAIN RELIEF - Sores where shoes might be rubbing or blisters that have already formed from walking for a long time can be dressed with a Scholl Toe Blister Plaster to provide instant pain relief.
  • EASY TO APPLY - Simply wash the area to be treated and dry thoroughly. Peel the backing off the plaster without touching the underlying adhesive and centre over the blister. Smooth the plaster down gently so there are no creases and the blister is sealed in. The adhesive will keep the cushion gel in place.

Before using your Scholl Toe Blister Plasters, make sure the affected area is clean, dry, and free from creams or oils. Remove the first backing film from your plaster and place adhesive side down over your blister. Remove the second backing film using the yellow tab provided, smooth adhesive edge over your skin to apply. Leave the plaster in place until it begins to fall away naturally.


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Toe Blister Plasters to protect against blisters
Ideal to prevent toe blisters or cover blisters that have already formed for comfort and healing


Provides protection against bacteria and dirt

Pain relief

Provides instant pain relief

Easy to apply

Strong adhesive to keep the cushion gel in place

Waterproof and breathable

Suitable for use in the shower and while swimming


Creates a moist environment which helps the wound to heal faster

Handy pack

Perfect to keep in a first aid kit

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