Are the insoles also suited for children?

There is no age limit for the use of our insoles. We have designed the insoles for full-grown people of adult age and should not be used in shoes that are smaller than the size guide on the insoles indicate, this is so cushioning occurs in the right parts of the foot.

Can I break something by cutting the insoles?

Can I use it in the shower?

Can I wash the insoles?

How can I dry the insoles if they are moist?

How can one insole fit for different shoe sizes?

How do I charge my Pedi Perfect Foot File?

How does the Express delivery work?

How long can Scholl Light Legs last?

How Much Does Delivery Cost?

How long will my insoles last?

What are Flight Socks?

What do “Scholl Light Legs” stand for?

What happens if I am out when delivery is attempted?

What is the difference between GelActiv™ insoles and orthopaedic/orthotic insoles?

What makes the Scholl nail and cuticle oil special?

When should I replace the roller head?

When should I use an insole?

Which speed setting should I choose?

Why is Scholl offering insoles?

Why wear Scholl Light Legs?

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