At Scholl, we believe in healthy feet, from heel to toe. As a healthcare company, our brand values provide consumers with a guarantee of quality, efficacy and comfort.  How our brand is used is key to maintaining these values and any use not in accordance with our brand guidelines will damage our reputation and that of our products. 

Further, given the nature of our products, many of which are subject to regulatory requirements, it is essential that our products reach consumers in each of our markets in their “local pack copy” as this carries information such as directions for use, health advisory warnings and information necessary to comply with our obligations for pharmacovigilance.

Therefore, when reselling Scholl products online via the Amazon marketplace, you agree to comply with the following conditions and should note that we do not consent to the use of our trademarks or other intellectual property in any other circumstances.   

  • Product to be in date – Selling product after its expiry date could pose a risk to consumers
  • A robust customer complaints and returns procedure needs to be in place – This is to ensure we, as the party primarily responsible for product safety, are alerted to any safety or quality concerns so we can act upon them in line with our regulatory obligations and wider duty of care.  This is our pharmacovigilance obligation.
  • “Prime” delivery must be an option – To ensure our products reach customers in an appropriate timescale to provide for prompt treatment and alleviation of the customer’s condition, a next day delivery option must be available.
  • Use of Scholl Artwork and digital assets (to be provided free of charge) – To ensure that all images of our products, artwork and assets comply with the local regulatory requirements and have the correct directions for use and other consumer messaging, resellers must use the correct digital assets which accord to the specific SKUs of the products on offer so that customers know precisely which product they will receive and can make appropriate self-selection choices.
  • In respect of products regulated by the MHRA (or equivalent regulator), products are only offered for delivery to an address in a local market in packaging designed for that market - Given the nature of our regulated products (a current list of such products is available on request) it is important that our products are used correctly and the directions for use, which are printed on the product’s packaging, are appropriate for customer’s home country to avoid unacceptable risks for consumers

Please note that a failure to comply with these Brand Criteria could result in a listing being removed.

For more information, or to submit evidence of your compliance, please email