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How do I use a foot file?

How do I use a foot file?

Which type of foot file?

There’s a variety of different foot files with which you can choose to work. Metal foot files literally ‘grate’ the calluses off the bottom or side of your foot. They need to be used quite lightly to prevent injury so be careful not to use too much pressure. Sandpaper foot files are made from emery paper. They are not as durable as metal files and are used for minor or dead skin removal. The two types can be used together with a metal file first followed by a softer sandpaper foot file to give the skin a smooth feel.

A third, very efficient, option is an electronic version such as the Scholl Electronic Foot File, which has both coarse and smooth exfoliators. Through a quick flip of the handle, it embraces the removal of tough, hard skin on one side with a softer treatment for smaller calluses and finishing off on the other side.

Eliminating hard skin

Make sure feet are clean. Using a coarse file, first begin to work on the dead skin areas. These are usually around the back and bottom of the heel or to each side of the toes. Avoid irritated or broken skin to prevent further damaging it. Rinse away the filed off dead skin with a damp sponge or flannel and water. Continue buffing with a less abrasive file which will leave the treated area soft and smooth. Dry your feet with a towel to reveal soft, healthy skin. 


Feet harbour bacteria easily so it is especially important to remember to wash your feet first and clean the file or files you have used afterwards. Some files have refills so you can change them after each session and simply throw away the used ones.

The health benefits of regular filing

Frequent scrubbing and filing of your feet can promote blood circulation. Not only do your feet become more healthy but you may feel more relaxed and rejuvenated. Dead skin, if left on the foot, can trap dirt and bacteria which can lead to dangerous fungal infections. Regularly scraping off dead skin keeps your feet germ free. 

Quick and easy

It takes just a few minutes to file your feet and the technique is simple to learn. Adding a home pedicure in to your weekly care routine could save you a lot of discomfort! After filing, finish with a daily treatment foot cream which will stop hard skin and calluses re-emerging and keep the skin protected.


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