Tips & Tricks For Using The Scholl Pedi Wet & Dry Electronic Foot File

Tips & Tricks For Using The Scholl Pedi Wet & Dry Electronic Foot File

Tips&Tricks for perfectly soft feet by Scholl

Tip 1

Turn foot care into fun care

With the Wet & Dry Pedi you can effortlessly keep your feet in a smooth condition. Take your time to experience a new foot care routine and you will immediately notice convincing results.

Tip 2

Treat yourself with naturally shiny nails

Soft beautiful feet look great with shiny nails! Now you can easily do your finger and toenails with the Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System.

Tip 3

Your shoes need to fit

Not only is it important for your comfort to wear well-fitting shoes, but you also need them to avoid hard skin. Inappropriate shoes may cause pressure on certain areas of your feet, which leads to hard skin.

Wet & Dry Electronic Foot File: Tips & Tricks

Tip 4

Create feet-friendly conditions

You love to wear your beautiful high heels, but your feet would prefer the comfortable option. Don’t compromise – get the extra comfort in high heels or stilettos with Scholl GelActiv Insoles for cushioning and shock absorption.

Tip 5  

The wrong walk

A wrong walk leads to an imbalance in weight distribution, which again leads to an imbalance in pressure. Some parts of your feet are then more susceptible to hard skin.

Tip 6

Dry Feet

Dry feet are very likely to develop hard skin. Oil glands on the bottom of your feet cause the skin to dry out faster than in other areas of your body. This leads to cracks and hard skin. Putting lotion on your feet will help prevent them from drying out.

Tip 7

Your feet are individualists - Scholl fits their needs

Whatever you’re up to – soft feet, shiny nails or getting rid of corns – Scholl has a solution for you and your feet.

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