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Winter Foot MOT

Winter Foot MOT

Hard skin?

Hard skin occurs through a lack of moisture in the top layers of skin. If you spend more time on your feet, do a lot of exercise or carry extra body weight you’re more likely to experience this. 

If left untreated, hard skin can reduce sensitivity in your feet, become dry, swollen or even cracked, but it’s easily treated. 

Moisturise your feet everyday to prevent any build up of hard skin with Scholl’s Expert Care Dry Skin Foot Cream.

 Moisturise feet with Scholl Dry Skin Foot Cream

Tired and aching feet?

Do you find yourself with tired, aching legs or feet? It could be a sign of flat or high-arched feet; lack of support or simply ill fitting footwear. Some people are genetically predisposed to tired feet. Those with flat feet and high arches are more likely to suffer. Flat feet are often inherited from parents, where the arch doesn’t form properly at a young age. Sore heels often develop from the overuse or overstretching of the ligament that runs from the heel to the toes.

Make sure your feet are supported. Winter boots are great or even try out one of Scholl’s tailor made insoles that can support your feet all throughout the winter and beyond.

Scholl Knee Pain and Arch Pain Relief Insoles

Loose or tight fitting shoes?

Poorly fitting shoes can lead to a whole host of issues and these commonly happen when we transition our footwear between seasons, causing blisters, aches and straining.

Try to ensure that your shoes aren’t too loose or too tight and ensure you wear socks to avoid any friction and sweating, which can cause blisters. 

If you do feel any pain and rubbing try using Scholl’s Blister Plasters to stop any problems in their tracks.

Wearing blister plasters with Winter boots

If you are suffering with any blisters, check out our video from leading podiatrist Matthew Fitzpatrick on how to treat and manage blisters.


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