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Dry skin

Dry, scaly feet is a common issue for many people. Our feet are under immense pressure from being active and being exposed to the elements, so the more you can keep on top of any dead or dry skin, the more likely you are to have softer, smooth feet.

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What is dry skin on the feet?

Dry skin on feet feels rough, flaky and scaly and my look grey and dehydrated. Soles and heels are most commonly affected. Most cases of dry skin respond well to self-treatment.

What are the symptom triggers?

Dry skin can occur at any time and affect any one. However, you are more likely to suffer with dry skin if you:

  • Put a lot of pressure on your feet (those that work long hours on their feet).
  • You have sensitive skin and use harsh soaps and detergents.
  • Spend a lot of time in dry environments where there is air conditioning or central heating.

What causes dry skin on the feet?

Dry skin occurs when the top layers of the skin lack moisture. It is often caused by friction against shoes or bones or from using products with harsh chemicals that dry the skin out. When the skin under the heel dries out, it can become more prone to cracking when walking.

Tips for avoiding and managing dry skin

Dry skin can usually be treated relatively easily at home.

You can help manage dry skin day-to-day by:

  • Using mild soaps and detergents that won’t irritate the skin.
  • Avoiding harsh alcohol-based products that tend to dry skin out.
  • Using a diamond deb files in the bath or shower buff away dead skin.
  • Regularly moisturising skin, ideally using a moisturiser that contains urea.

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