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Diabetes footcare tips

Diabetes footcare tips

Tip 1 - Check your feet everyday

Prevention is always better than a cure. If you're living with diabetes your feet will be more susceptible to dry skin, blisters and fungal infections. Check each foot thoroughly everyday for any signs of wounds or infections.

Tip 2 - Eat well and be active

An active lifestyle will look after both the body and mind. Scholl’s GelActiv™ Sports Insoles will support your feet every step of the way. Our tailored insoles will ease pressure on your feet, absorb micro shocks and help reduce any impact on your heels, knees and ankles. Talk with a healthcare professional to discuss which product could be best for you.

Tip 3 - Bathe your feet daily

Living with diabetes can cause a series of adverse effects to your feet. Bathe them daily and dry them thoroughly, especially between the toes. Diabetes can cause neuropathy - where the nerves in the hands and feet become damaged - so be sure to check that the water isn't too hot before bathing your feet.

Tip 4 - Be gentle with your feet

Never use pumice stones or blades and try to avoid any harsh scrubs or acid peels. Try to use gentler products and focus on moisturising, rather than scrubbing. Think slow and steady!

Tip 5 - Use moisturising cream everyday

Diabetes can cause your skin to become dry and may crack, causing a wound. Try to use a daily nourishing cream like Scholl’s Expert Care Dry Skin Foot Cream or Scholl’s Dry Skin Foot Mask to help replenish the moisture in your feet and keep them crack free.

Tip 6 - Cut nails carefully

Living with diabetes may make your feet more susceptible to infections, so be careful when cutting your nails as any wounds could become infected. Cut your nails straight across and not down the sides. Use an emery board to file any sharp corners and if you have difficulty reaching your feet. Ask your local healthcare professional for help.

Tip 7 - Wear clean and dry socks

Clean and dry socks will stop your feet from getting sweaty, itchy and help avoid you picking up any bacterial infections. Scholl’s Antifungal Shoe Spray - which effectively kills 99.9% of fungus that cause Athlete's Foot and fungal nail - will keep your shoes clean and clear of infections.

Tip 8 - Make sure your footwear fits comfortably

Diabetes can damage nerve cells and affect the blood circulation changing the shape of your feet, so you need to ensure your footwear is both comfortable and supportive. Poorly fitting footwear can cause rubbing and lead to wounds. Scholl’s GelActiv™ Everyday Insoles are shaped for comfort and provide support all throughout the day. Talk with a healthcare professional to discuss which product could be best for you.

Tip 9 - Manage blood sugars, cholesterol and blood pressure

If you're able to keep all your targets in check, you'll reduce any additional strain on your body. This will help support the blood vessels and nerves in your feet, so they are less likely to become damaged.

Tip 10 - Make sure you have a regular foot screening

Having regular check ups with medical professionals can avoid any bigger issues down the line. Check with your local podiatry or GP surgery as to when your feet were last screened. Watch the video below for more information on Diabetes foot care.


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