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Everything you need for the perfect at-home pedicure

Everything you need for the perfect at-home pedicure

In the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it's easy to forget about self-care. Picture this: you’re cosied up with a warm cup of hot chocolate by the fire. Gorgeous. But rough, dry feet are interrupting your vibe. Indulge in a little ‘you’ time and step into the season with an at-home pedicure treat.

What you’ll need

You'll need a few essential tools for your at-home pedicure. Grab your pedicure supplies, including a Scholl 2-in-1 File and Smooth Foot File for silky-smooth soles, Scholl Expert Care Dry Skin Cream for softness that rivals even the snuggliest of fluffy blankets, and Scholl’s trusty Toenail Scissors for precision toenail maintenance.

Prep your space

Create a nice cosy atmosphere and light some holiday-scented candles. But remember, safety comes first. Ensure your candles are on a safe surface away from flammable materials. Now that your environment is set, let's get those tootsies pampered!

Your pedicure guide

Here's where the magic happens! Follow these at-home pedicure steps, and you'll be prancing around like Rudolph in no time:

  1. Give your feet a home foot spa treatment with a warm soak. Add a few drops of your favourite holiday-scented bath or foot oil for an extra touch of relaxation.

  2. Scrub away the stress of the day with a foot scrub, leaving your feet as soft as freshly fallen snow.

  3. Time to trim and shape those toenails with your trusty Scholl toe nail scissors.

  4. Show some love to your cuticles with gentle cuticle care.

  5. Sleigh away rough patches with the Scholl 2-in-1 File and Smooth Foot File, ensuring your feet feel as smooth as a freshly iced gingerbread cookie.

  6. Moisturise your feet with Scholl's Expert Care Dry Skin Cream. Your feet will be as soft and hydrated as a snowflake in a winter storm.

  7. Paint your nails with that festive polish. Pro tip: Add some glitter for extra holiday sparkle!

There you have it, the perfect at-home pedicure guide with a festive twist. It's time to kick back, relax, and get your feet holiday-ready. Enjoy your DIY pedicure and embrace the season with style!

Shop all our footcare solutions now on Scholl's website and give your feet the holiday love they deserve. After all, even Santa needs a little pampering after his big night!

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