Foot Care Products For Summer, Holiday-Ready Feet

Foot Care Products For Summer, Holiday-Ready Feet

Bikini, sun cream, shampoo, toothbrush – you’ve got the essentials packed, but what are you taking for your feet? 

On holiday, you should pamper your feet more than usual. They may be exposed to sun, wind, sand and seawater, which have their beneficial effects but also some undesirable ones. Plus summer is the perfect time to show off polished feet in sandals.

What our feet need on holiday

Before you even leave, remove thick hard skin with a removal product. Sun, seawater and chlorine in the pool tend to dehydrate your skin when you’re away, so you need to keep moisture levels up.

Feet on the move

Going to the beach is great exercise for toning your legs, especially if you wear Pescura wooden sandals. Biomechanically designed with anatomical wooden insoles to boost your posture, they also exercise your muscles in a natural and healthy way. If you’re going dancing or out for dinner, don't give up heels. Bring Scholl Ultra Slim Party Feet™ with you to provide invisible cushioning to help reduce the burning pain in the balls of your feet, so you can dance the night away.  

Going walking or hiking?

Don't forget to pack Scholl Fresh Step Foot Spray to neutralise odour and leave your feet dry and fragrant all day - even in hiking boots! And after a day of hiking, why not treat yourself to a relaxing foot bath.

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