The Ultimate Party Feet Guide From Scholl

The Ultimate Party Feet Guide From Scholl

The party season has finally arrived and no doubt your diary is already packed with Christmas parties, family gatherings and New Year celebrations. Just remember that if you really want to be the belle of the ball this year, it takes more than just a new sparkly outfit to make a real mark. When your feet are cared for and truly healthy, this will ultimately give you the first beautiful steps to looking and feeling fantastic this Christmas (Scholl Media Brief). This year, you can ensure you feel beautiful from head to toe and with a little help from Scholl.

Here are some common feet complaints, and some ways you can overcome and show your feet off this festive period.

Why does hard skin appear on our feet?

Hard skin is caused by a build-up of hardened skin cells around pressure points. The area of thickened, discoloured skin is formed as a result of the feet carrying our bodyweight daily which causes repeated pressure and friction. Ill-fitting shoe choices can cause hard skin to form, but you can also be more prone due to general health factors such as obesity, diabetes or age. (Scholl product information)

Show Off Your Feet This Party Season

Add feet to your beauty routine

If hard or dry skin on your feet is an issue for you, simply add footcare into your beauty routine to help with the problem. In the UK, feet are the 9th most looked after body part, that is if they are not simply neglected all together (Scholl Media Brief). Follow our simple tips below to add footcare into your beauty routine and make them a priority this party season.

Show Off Your Feet This Party Season

Hard Skin Removal

10% of women won’t wear open-heeled shoes for fear that their dry, cracked feet will be seen (Women’s Health Mag, 2017) and this is not what you want to worry about when it comes to the party season! Our Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi is ideal for removing dry compacted skin, especially if you have a large build up. You can choose which intensity rolling head will be suited for you to achieve the best results. Rest assured that these rollers won’t cause you harm thanks to the anti-stop mechanism which starts if too much pressure is applied. The unique roller head features diamond crystals that gently buff away hard skin to leave your feet feeling silky smooth.

Make Sure You Moisturise

You’ve heard the phrase ‘prevention is better than cure’ before – that’s what this next step is all about. Regular moisturising will help the skin stay supple and protected and prevent a build-up of dry skin (Scholl Product Info). Many of us use moisturisers bespoke to our face and bodies daily, but we ignore our feet. As your feet are under more pressure than the rest of your body, you should care for them and use a moisturiser that is designed just for them. For intense hydration, the Velvet Smooth Intense Serum is the perfect choice. Designed especially for footcare, this deeply nourishing cream contains Pentavitin™, a highly effective moisture regulator with added hyaluronic acid and green caviar to provide intense hydration.

Show Off Your Feet This Party Season

Soak Your Dry Skin

If your flaky, dry skin is causing you to worry about wearing open heels with bare legs then this advice is for you. A long soak in the bath or a quick foot spa is the perfect way to relax after a busy day, but it can also do wonders for your skin. A handy tip to get the most out of your bath times is to add a sprinkling of bath salts, such as Himalayan Pink Salt, to the water. Not only can these help you relax, but these salts improve circulation and help your skin hold in hydration which will both help ease dry skin (Natural Living Ideas, 2016).

Exfoliate in the bath to help remove the flakes of skin and then ensure you moisturise after your bath to retain maximum hydration in your feet and encourage cell growth (Scholl Product Information).

Get Beautiful Nails

Now that your feet are looking delightfully soft and feeling smooth, its time to add a touch of sparkle to your toenails to complete the festive look. Use the Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System to transform your nails from dull and drab to shiny and fab. This clever tool delivers a salon worthy manicure and pedicure at home. Use it to electronically file your nails into shape, then buff away the ridges and polish so you are left with beautiful nails. Combine this with the Velvet Smooth Nail Care Oil to moisturise and condition the cuticles while leaving the nails looking visibly shiny and natural looking.

Repetition is key within your footcare routine, as an on-going exfoliating and moisturising routine should help to reduce the dry skin build-up and therefore reduce any embarrassment you have around the look of your feet. Your feet deserve as much love and attention as the rest of your body. And healthy feet will help to make you feel confident and beautiful from your head to your toe. Make sure you add these simple footcare steps into your beauty routine so that you can always enjoy the party.


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