Seg - Orthotic Insoles

  1. Insoles Explained: What Are They & What Are The Benefits?
    Whether standing or walking, most of us spend well over half of our life "on our feet". This is fine, because an active life keeps us fit. However, considering that on average, a human being walks three times around the earth during a lifespan, the strain for our feet is enormous. This is why many people, particularly working people who need to be on their feet a lot, as well as those who enjoy...
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  2. Ten Steps To Avoid Heel Pain When Walking
    You don’t have to be a budding athlete to suffer from heel pain. In fact, many people accept heel pain from walking as part of their everyday life. Whether you’re conscious of it or not, everyday heel pain can end up being quite a burden on your feet.
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  3. Why Do My Legs Feel Heavy & Tired?
    Tired, heavy legs at the end of the day can be the result of sitting at a desk, or standing for long periods of time. Find out how to avoid tired legs.
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  4. Coping With Swollen Feet During Pregnancy: Scholl's Top Tips
    The increase in body weight during pregnancy can alter your walking pattern and can sometimes cause foot problems.
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  5. What Is Pronation & How Can I Prevent It?
    If you are suffering from heel pain, pronation can be one of the reasons.
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