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Follow your feet: Support your walks from heel to toe

Follow your feet: Support your walks from heel to toe

In England, the average person walks about 210 miles in a year [1]. In your lifetime, you’ll walk enough to circle the Earth 4 times. That’s quite a bit of pressure on your feet that can lead to all sorts of foot problems. But with the right support, care and attention, you can follow your feet wherever they feel like taking you. This Summer, we’re looking out for all you hardcore hikers, ritual ramblers and Sunday morning strollers.

Mind, body and sole - your feet support you

Thanks to some post-pandemic attention, walking and hiking has stepped into the Sun. And its benefits to your mental and physical wellbeing mean it’s here to stay. According to research, submerging yourself in nature’s offerings does a world of good to your mind, body and soul. It improves cognitive function, brain activity, blood pressure, mental health, physical activity and even sleep [2].

Walking and hiking communities online, like Flock Together, Common Ground and Gorp Girls, have kicked off and attracted thousands of followers. They encourage us to rebuild our relationships with nature through activities like birdwatching, wild camping and international treasure hunts called GeoCaching.

We support you from heel to toe

At Scholl, we’ll support you whether you’re hotstepping it to work, frolicking through fields or clambering across cliffs. Our footcare products and treatments help to relieve overused feet. We’ll help your aches, blisters, calluses, foot odours and plantar fasciitis. Or at least help you understand what that means. Because footcare is the foundation of your wellbeing.

Get comfy feet

A little extra something in your shoes can ease the pain you feel on the ball of your foot and heel. Adding an insole to the inside of your boot provides extra insulation and cushioning. They redistribute the pressure across your whole foot. So you’ll be at your peak even at the peak.

Prevent pesky blisters

These pesky patches of pain that can stop you in your tracks. They’re caused by a mixture of friction, moisture and heat. So you’ll often find them adorning your heel, soles of your feet and in between your toes. Blisters tend to invade even more when you’re hiking because your feet get sweaty and swell up. That’s why it’s extra important to keep some blister patches nearby.

Keep your feet fresh

Your feet are designed to sweat. They actually have 125,000 sweat glands just waiting for their moment to perspire. Surprise, surprise - add in a bit of heat and time, and this can create the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive. To help eliminate the odour that bacteria produces, try Scholl’s Fresh Step Shoe Spray. A specially formulated, dual action aerosol which instantly eliminates odour from your shoes for up to 24 hours. 





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