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Walking On Clouds: Foot Care & Comfort Tips From Scholl-Scholl UK

Walking On Clouds: Foot Care & Comfort Tips From Scholl

Footcare and comfort tips from scholl

Many of us just put up with achy, tired feet as a normal side effect of a busy day. But why should our feet suffer needlessly when great foot supporting products like Scholl’s GelActiv™ insoles are such an easy fix? Read on for ways to minimise pain and maximise comfort with Scholl.

Choosing the right insoles

Scholl’s GelActiv™ Insoles come in three distinct varieties – Everyday, Sport and Work. So, whether you’re working, playing, partying or racing there’s a perfect insole to keep your feet feeling comfortable.

Scholl’s GelActiv™Everyday Insoles are great all-rounders for reducing excessive pressure on feet, and are suitable for casual footwear. If you get tired legs after your daily commute, a big shopping trip or a long walk in the park, soft everyday insoles are ideal for you.

Scholl’s GelActiv™Sport Insoles will win out for you if your favourite sports are putting extra strain on your joints, ankles and knees, as well as your feet. These insoles are specifically designed for physical activities, from the gym to the park, from hiking to jogging, and many more sports besides. Insoles work in trainers, pumps and more and the gel cushioning helps minimise this strain, helping your joints to stay supple without discomfort. Arch support also reduces the likelihood of pronation, where your feet ‘roll’ a little in contact with the ground. They provide stable support, as well as reduced stress. Whether you love the gym, park runs or a hike in the hills, these insoles are on your side to keep away pain and strain.

Scholl’s GelActiv™Work Insoles – if your job means you spend a lot of the day standing or walking, such as working in constructions, catering or even in crafts, these insoles could really help give your feet a break. The insoles can be use with formal work shoes or even with casual wear. The soft gel cushioning helps reduce the excessive strain put feet after long periods of standing or walking your dog especially over uneven terrain. The tiny perforations on the insole are designed to keep your feet dry and sweat-free, which helps to reduce the risk of bacteria thriving.

Whichever insoles you choose, you can look forward to more comfort, support and shock absorption for your feet and arches. So you can really look forward to the end of the day, with more relaxed and less achy feet.

Shoes matter too

One way to ensure comfort is to choose the shoes you wear carefully. While boots might be heavy, they do offer a lot of support, which is something of a trade-off. Thin soled shoes such as flats or sandals don’t provide much support which can affect your feet, especially the arches. Insoles could benefit you here too.

Also, for the sake of comfort for skin, try to rotate the shoes you wear daily, and try not to wear the same pair of shoes for more than two days in a row. This will allow the toes and other parts of the shoe to dry out properly, so you won’t be wearing increasingly damp shoes that could affect your feet.


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