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When to wear Compression Hosiery Socks

When to wear Compression Hosiery Socks

When and why you should wear Compression Flight socks

Travel’s fantastic. It energises the soul. But unfortunately, it can sometimes be pretty tiring. Especially on our legs. Spending hours on a long-haul flight with no leg room or being trapped in the car for hours on end can leave your legs feeling weighed down, stiff and tired. And there’s Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) to consider too.

Thankfully, with over 100 years of foot care experience, Scholl can help.

Feel comfortable from the feet up

Our Compression Flight Socks are designed to help prevent tired, heavy-feeling aching legs. Made from Fibre Firm™ Technology, this clever material applies gentle pressure to stimulate blood flow throughout the entire leg to promote healthy and comfortable legs and feet. 

Clinically proven to help prevent deep vein thrombosis. These socks can be worn discretely instead of regular socks during flights or other journeys that cause uncomfortable experiences and restricted movement.

The perfect travel companion

Wearing the Scholl Flight Socks can help improve blood circulation which can be disrupted by sitting for long periods of time - you can even wear them if you spend your days behind a desk. It’s important to always wear both socks and ensure they are pulled up to just below the knee (but don’t worry too much about how to use them correctly now, there’s a detailed information leaflet included in every pack).

And you can rest assured they’ve been made to last even the longest journey - every pair has:

  • Advanced hosiery technology
  • Comfort tops
  • Antimicrobial protection to keep feet fresh
  • Reinforced toes

There are a few more things you can do to help your legs feel better on long journeys

5 top tips to help with circulation

  1. Stretch your legs: Whenever possible, get out of your seat and take a walk around the plane. Stretching your legs and taking some exercise is the best way to avoid heavy, achy legs

  2. Stay hydrated: Try to avoid alcohol whilst flying as this dehydrates you. Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water and fruit juices will leave you feeling more energetic

  3. Elevate your legs: If it is possible, the closer your legs get to being above the level of your heart helps with circulation - even if they’re just off the floor

  4. Exercises in your seat: Every now and again, rhythmically clench and relax your leg muscles ten to twenty times. This is an exercise that increases leg circulation but does not require you to stand up. Another exercise that you can do in your seat involves alternately pointing your toe and then your heel towards the floor in quick and strong movements

  5. Uncross your legs: Don’t sit with your legs crossed as this creates pressure on the veins of the legs and slows circulation

Feel Foot-tastic…even on long haul

So, no matter hope long your next trip is, sit back and let our Compression Flight Socks keep your feet and legs comfortable, relaxed and healthy.

Feel Foot-tastic™ with Scholl Compression Flight Socks, now available in Black or Sheer.




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