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4 rules for keeping your feet healthy this Winter

4 rules for keeping your feet healthy this Winter

Rule 1 - Dress appropriately

Ensure you're dressed appropriately for the conditions. If you’re going on a long walk in the cold, think winter boots and cosy socks, rather than thinner canvas shoes or trainers.

Rule 2 - Keep clean and dry

When our feet are wrapped up in these colder conditions we’re more susceptible to fungal infections like Athlete’s foot. 

This can be avoided by washing and thoroughly drying your feet everyday; rotating footwear; wearing clean socks and using an anti-fungal spray - like Scholl’s Antifungal Shoe Spray.

Rule 3 - Small problem, small solution

During the winter our skin can be affected by the cold, but by treating signs of dry skin early and following our foot care regimes, we can prevent and keep any skin problems away.

The cold weather can encourage dry cracked skin on our heels, but if caught early enough and treated with a product like Scholl’s Expert Care Dry Skin Foot Cream, it’s easily remedied. If the skin is too hard, try our Expert Care 2-in-1 File and Smooth Foot File to clear away that hard skin with ease.

Rule 4 - A daily check in

A regular routine, where you check in daily with your feet, will ensure your feet stay fit and healthy, not just through the winter, but throughout the year.

Ensure your nails are trimmed, check for blisters and check for any fungal infections as these are easily missed when they’re locked away for the winter.

Keep your feet moisturised to prevent any dry skin building up with a strong nourishing product like our Expert Care Dry Skin Foot Cream.

That’s it, just a few quick and simple rules that’ll keep your feet in check through these colder months.

If you want to learn more about any products mentioned in this blog then visit our website For more information about cracked heels and how to manage them, why not watch our video with expert Michael Harrison-Blount.


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