Scholl's Festival Foot Care Guide

Scholl's Festival Foot Care Guide

The number of festivals available in the UK is increasing every year so this means that there really is something suitable for everyone (Telegraph, 2016). Whether you want a music festival to attend with friends or a food festival to go to with your family, there are now many options. But whatever your age, everyone must remember to take care of their body whilst they’re there. If you are heading to a festival this summer, read our top tips on looking after your body and ensuring you stay healthy from head to toe during the summer festival season.

Look after your feet

From suitable footwear to foot care products, there is plenty you can take with you to ensure you look after your feet this festival season. British weather is often unpredictable so plan your footwear based on both a dry and wet scenario. If the weather forecast says rain, then wellies are a great addition to your festival shoe collection to ensure your feet stay protected from the wet terrain. If your feet do get damp, make sure you dry them and put on fresh socks and footwear as soon as you can to avoid any foot problems the damp may cause. If you are lucky enough to have a few days of sunshine, then flip flops or trainers will be all you need to get your feet through your festival experience.

You do more walking than you realise at a festival with the average festival goers walking nearly 15 miles over a festival weekend (Gigwise, 2015). If you’ve bought new shoes especially for the occasion, then there is a chance they will rub your feet with all this extra walking and this can lead to blisters forming. So whether you’ve opted for new flip flops for the sunshine or boots for the rain, it’s a good idea to take a supply of blister plasters to help prevent any blisters forming from friction inside your shoe.

Stay hydrated

At festivals, water is always a last thought with sugary alternatives being readily available in the sunshine. Although fizzy drinks may give you short term refreshment throughout the day, they can contain up to 12 teaspoons of sugar so aren’t always the best solution for hydrating your body (Bupa, Undated). Water is essential for keeping your body and skin hydrated, but it also aids digestion and helps with regular bowel movements (WebMD, Undated). Ensure you don’t become dehydrated during your favourite festival act and take advantage of any water filling stations that may be present, whilst you are enjoying the sunshine.

Feel festival fresh

Don’t fancy trying your luck in the festival showers this summer? Body wipes are a festival necessity for removing dirt, makeup, sun cream and sweat from the day. Not only can they be easily disposed of, they come in a variety of face and body wipes that can leave you feeling refreshed and ready to continue your day. If you do decide to venture into the showers, make sure you have flip flops or some protective footwear. This will avoid you contracting any germs or infections, such as verrucas or warts on feet, that can spread rapidly in these types of environments.

Fuel your body

In recent years, it has become a lot easier to make healthier food choices at festivals, plus you can opt to take your own. Start your morning by fuelling up on nutritional options such as porridge, a high protein energy ball or perhaps fruit to help power you through the day (The Independent, 2014). There will be a selection of stalls that provide healthy alternatives to help you feel reinvigorated ready to start you off on all your festival activities. You can also quench your thirst and aid your hydration by opting for water-filled fruit and veg. If you are looking to fuel your body while keeping your body hydrated, opt for snack choices like strawberries, bananas and tomatoes that have a high-water content (Saga, 2016). Not only are they refreshing, but they are full of nutritional value.

Protect your skin

Whatever the forecast predicts before you go, remember to take sun cream with you to help protect your skin from the sun. At most festivals, there is always limited shade, especially whilst you’re watching your favourite bands; so, sunscreen is essential to keeping you protected from the sun and its harsh UV rays. Don’t let sun burn take the fun away from your festival experience. To ensure that you are protecting your skin from head to toe, cover up properly and wear sunscreen.

Whichever festival you are going to go this summer, follow our top tips on staying healthy whilst you are there to ensure you look after your body from top to toe.


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