Comfortable Feet

  1. Light Legs Compression Tights FAQs & Information
    FAQs for Light Legs™ Compression Tights
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  2. Walking Barefoot With Scholl
    Walking barefoot has its advantages. It helps improve blood circulation, stimulates the foot's sensitivity and induces a state of relaxation. Take advantage of nice weather by slipping off your shoes and walking barefoot at home, in the park or at the beach.
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  3. Walking On Clouds: Foot Care & Comfort Tips From Scholl
    For people suffering from heel pain there are a few things you can do to minimise it, while maximising comfort.
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  4. Why Do My Legs Feel Heavy & Tired?
    Tired, heavy legs at the end of the day can be the result of sitting at a desk, or standing for long periods of time. Find out how to avoid tired legs.
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  5. Get Rid Of Heel Pain For Good With Scholl's GelActiv Insoles
    Heel pain can come from many sources, whether from an accident, bump, or just from day-to-day issues like poor posture, uncomfortable gait, or poor foot support.
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  6. Easy Foot Exercises From Scholl
    Start by standing up straight and balancing your weight. Shift your body weight onto your heels, then curl your toes downward. Straighten them and repeat 10 times. This exercise is good for general strengthening, but also to relieve cramps in toes or in the sole.
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